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Dread is a game of horror and suspense. Those who play it participate in a mutual telling of an original macabre tale. You will take on the role of someone trapped in a story that is only as compelling as it is hostile–someone who will find themselves making the sorts of decisions you hope never to face in real life.


Beneath a Metal Sky LinCon (2017)
Dread (Avacon 2015) Kennie Nørgaard
Avacon (2015)
Dread (Fimbul Con 2019) Kent Kargo Tobiasen
Fimbul Con (2019)
Dread (KattCon 2016) Kattcon, Skräck (2016)
Dread med VSR! CalCon XXIV - SuperCalCon (2018)
💾 Forsvundet i sneen Anne Meus Morthorst
Viking-Con 37 (2018)
💾 Huset for enden af vejen Anne Meus Morthorst
Viking-Con 38 (2019)
Viking-Con 40 (2021)
Monstra Hominum LinCon (2019)
💾 Skyddsrum 22 Peter Haraldsson
CalCon XXII - Skyddsrum (2016)
LinCon (2018)
💾 Soldier Island Peter Haraldsson
LinCon (2016)
💾 Spelet Peter Haraldsson
Borås Spelkonvent 35: Ludus est necessarius (2017)
The Cult of the Masterrace ÄlvCon (2017)
The Mountain of Death Joan Ladekjær Ingwersen
UdkantsCon 3 (2020)


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