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LepreCon XXXVI (2015)

LepreCon XXXVI

Location: Goldsmith Hall, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland 🗺️
Date: 6. - 8. March 2015

Part of: LepreCon

About the convention:

Do you see…
Do you see beyond the veil of secrets that cloaks our minds and conceals the true nature of the universe?
Do you see the vast and incomprehensible beings that lurk beyond the boundaries of sanity and rationality?
Do you see that we are all small and insignificant ants, unable to comprehend the true vastness of the cosmos and everything that exists within it?

Welcome one and all to Ireland’s oldest games convention, now in its 36th year. We have a wide array of events lined up for your gaming pleasure this weekend; and so, whether your interests lie in boardgames, cardgames, role-playing games, or down other, more dangerous paths, we hope that you’ll find something to suit your tastes. We’ve worked hard this year to bring you some of Ireland’s greatest games and writers, including our guest this year, Gar Hanrahan, who will be sharing his knowledge on how to make a game truly terrifying.

For Special Events we have even more on offer, from everyone’s favourite starship simulator Artemis, to the fantastic storytelling of Milk & Cookies, who have kindly agreed to be with us this weekend. And if you find yourselves looking for something new, you can browse through goods and services provided by our wonderful traders.

Leprecon was the first games convention I ever attended, and taking over as director has been an opportunity to bring everything I love about games to you, the Irish gaming community. I hope that you all enjoy this weekend as much as I’ve enjoyed it over the past decade that I’ve been attending. But now the stars are aligned and the time is right. The Great Old Ones stir in their slumber and begin to rise. Leprecon has begun.

May you be eaten first.


PDF Programme [English] (4.6 MB)


A Night in the Mines LARP Dark Heresy 2nd Edition
Alone Leela Diac Homebrew
By the Pricking of my Thorns LARP
Can I Play With Madness? Oisin McColgan Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition
Cygnus X1 Baz Nugent Mass Effect (nWoD)
Family Ties – My Enemy, My Self Dudley Martin Supernatural RPG
Ferelden Navy Seals Nick Whyte Dragon Age
Gilgamesh – Team Midway Gilgamesh Endangered LARP
Glories of the Past—Part II: The Price of Friendship Christina Stiles Pathfinder
Glories of the Past—Part III: The Secrets Stones Keep Larry Wilhelm Pathfinder
Hoe Down High-jinx in Whoop n’ Holla Si Appleby
Vanessa Phillips
House Party on the Hill Danny O’Leary Dread
Murder Hobo 7 d6 system
Murder On The Throaty Mermaid Mark Moreland Pathfinder
Priority Orders Michelle Haward Shadowrun 4th Edition
Scions of the Sky Key, Part 1: On Sharrowsmith’s Trail Pathfinder
Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2: Kaava Quarry Pathfinder
Silent Tide Pathfinder
Stitched Up Cathal Redmond Numenéra
Tales of Toholon: The Art of Restraining Power Shane Carr LARP
Tea Time Terror Joey Johnston Changeling: The Dreaming
The Citadel of Flame Pathfinder
The Dalsine Affair Pathfinder
The Harker Intrusion Gareth Hanrahan Night’s Black Agents demo
The Haunting of Hinojai Pathfinder
The Icebound Outpost Pathfinder
The Penumbral Accords Owen K.C. Stephens Pathfinder
The Wages of Sin Cian O'Sullivan
Graham Turner
Savage Worlds Coreolis Combine
The Weatherlight David Reynolds
The Wounded Wisp Thurston Hillman Pathfinder
What’s in the Box Sean Leaney LARP Eclipse Phase


Assistant Director Alex Altman
Assistant RPGs Emily Collins
Boardgames Kevin Daly
Design Baz Nugent
Director Aidan Marsh
RPGs and LARPs co-ordinator Andrew Barcoe
Special Events Aoife Brown
Staff Kevin Fogarty
Treasurer Kate Johnston
Wargames Jack Carey

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