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When Our Destinies Meet

(AKA: När våra öden möts)

RPG system: Blackbox larp
Participants: 4-15 players


✏️Petter Karlsson
✏️Morgan March


When Our Destinies Meet requires 2 hours of preparation and 2 hours of black box larping, which uses theatre techniques and shifting perspective as the player, director, narrator, and audience. Using a model where larps are created by the participants in workshop before play, you should be ready to hash out some relationships and plots. The only story components and preparation we have as we enter the larp are as follows: a party, social roles and, one or more destined meetings. We decide these three factors together during the workshop. First, we spend approximately 2 hours to create the drama, the intrigues, and the relationships; then, we play for approximately 2 hours with a 30 min debrief. That is the total structure of the larp and its preparations. A larp to go. Out of the box larping.

Played at

Prolog (2009)
Knutepunkt (2009)
Prolog (2010)
Knutpunkt (2010)
Prolog (2011)
Grenselandet (2019)


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