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Knutpunkt (2010)


Location: Fiskeboda, Julita, Sweden
Date: 22. - 25. April 2010

Part of: Knudepunkt


PDF Playing Reality - articles on live action role-playing [English] (4.5 MB)

We haven't had access to a program for this convention. The list is simply based on external references, memory, rumours and so on and the list might not be completed.
If you have a correction or are in access of a program then please send us an update.


💾 Before a Fall Mikkel Bækgaard Systemløst
💾 Growing up Anna Westerling LARP
💾 Heartburn Jonas Ellemand
💾 When Our Destinies Meet Petter Karlsson
Morgan March
Kim Olofsson
Blackbox Larp


Aweek in Stockholm Elli Åhlvik
Aweek in Stockholm Felicia Östlin
Country contacts Heidi Westerlund
Country contacts Søren Lyng Ebbehøj
Country contacts Trine Lise Lindahl
Design Janetta Nyberg
KP Café Felicia Wassberg
KP Café Nina Högberg
Main Organizer Anders Hultman
Main Organizer Anna Westerling
Nordic Week Johanna Koljonen
Nordic Week Andie Nordgren
Party Daniel Krauklis
Party Anna-Karin Linder
Party Sonja Schwarzenberger
Party Johannes Axner
Party Teresa Axner
Programme Tobias Wrigstad
Programme Lisa Tegelmark
Programme Gustav Nilsson
Programme Erika Lundell
Programme Anna-Karin Linder
Programme Kajsa Greger
Proofreading Lauri Gardner
The Book Elge Larsson
Transport Elin Gustafsson

Referenced in the following articles

Kalender Page 32 36 (Januar 2010) Hareposten
Kalender Page 2 37 (Marts 2010) Hareposten
Det Spydige Hjørne Page 23 37 (Marts 2010) Hareposten

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