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Whirling Witchcraft

Front page for Whirling Witchcraft

(AKA: Whirling Academy)


DesignerErik Andersson Sundén
🎨Niklas Høøk


PDF Whirling Witchcraft rules [English] (1.4 MB)


The life of a witch can be stressful! You must try to curse your nemesis by flooding them with magical ingredients. In addition, you need to handle all ingredients thrown at you!

All players are witches and the witch sitting to your right is your nemesis. Each turn, you will add a recipe to your recipe collection. Each recipe describes a way to transform ingredients into new and more magical ingredients. Your objective is simple; be the first witch to clear your workbench of magical ingredients, or flood the workbench of your nemesis by more magical ingredients than they can handle!

Whirling Witchcraft is a game for 2-5 players that plays in about 10-20 minutes. All phases of the game are played simultaneously by all players. During the game, you will generate ingredients and passing these to your nemesis. The ingredients you receive from your neighbour will feed your recipes and allow you to produce even more ingredients. At the same time, if you have too many ingredients you lose the game

It sounds straightforward, but you’ll need a lot of focus and even more cunning in order to juggle those ingredients in your favour!

About the designer:
Erik Andersson Sundén is a father of three and a nuclear physicist who lives in Uppsala, Sweden. He loves to play board games with family and friends. He is an omnivore board gamer that enjoys both dry and thematically driven games, after having played RPGs for more than 20 years.

Erik has never visited Fastaval before and is excited to meet all the gamers and to show his game(s) to a new audience.

Alle spillere er hekse, og heksen til højre for dig er din nemesis. Hver runde føjer du en opskrift til din samling. Hver opskrift angiver en måde at omdanne ingredienser til nye og mere magiske ingredienser. Dit mål er simpelt: vær den første heks der rydder sit arbejdsbord for magiske ingredienser eller få din nemesis’ arbejdsbord til at flyde over med flere magiske ingredienser end det er muligt at håndtere.

Whirling Witchcraft er et spil for 2-5 spillere og tager ca. 10-20 minutter. Alle spillets faser udføres simultant af alle spillerne. Undervejs frembringer du ingredienser og sender dem videre til din nemesis. De ingredienser du modtager fra din sidemand bruger du i dine opskrifter som gør at du kan fremstille endnu flere ingredienser. Men hvis du har for mange ingredienser, taber du. Det lyder meget simpelt, men du får brug for fokus og snilde for at ingredienserne jongleres til din fordel.

Played at

Fastaval - Otto Under the Sea (2019)
Viking-Con 40 (2021)


Fastaval - Otto Under the Sea (2019)

Winner, Bedste Brætspil [+]


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