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House of Craving

Front page for House of Craving

(AKA: Længslernes hus)

Genre: Drama, Gyser
Participants: 1 GM, 5 players

Organized by

Participation Design Agency


✏️Tor Kjetil Edland
✏️Danny Meyer Wilson
OrganizerBjarke Pedersen


PDF Scenario [English] (24.1 MB)
PDF Scenario [Danish] (23 MB)


His tongue traveled slowly up his stepbrothers cheek. “I don’t understand why I am doing this. There is something wrong with this place.” There was a sudden pause, and a look of horror in his eyes. Yet he still stared longingly at the stepbrothers body. The pause broke as he resumed his tender embrace and continued licking the ear.

House of craving is about a family that moves into a beautiful art deco mansion, down by a lake. There is a sinister turn of events, when the house begins to use the family to live out its perverted fantasies.

The scenario combines classical Fastaval freeform, where the scenes are played out with the body, along with physical touch, that emphasizes the feelings and desires of the characters. One of the players will play the house, which cannot speak to the others, but only communicates physically.

His tongue slid slowly up his stepbrother's neck. “I don't understand why I'm doing this... It is like there is something wrong with this place.” There was a small pause in his movements and a scared look in his eyes as he stared longingly at his stepbrother’s body. Then he continued almost like something was forcing him…

House of Craving is a psychological horror larp with erotic elements. Wilhelm, a moderately successful writer of psychological horror novels, has inherited a house from his wife Lena who recently committed suicide. Trying to deal with his grief he has chosen to spend the summer with his family and a few friends in her childhood home.

A house nobody has lived in for a long time.
A house that will make them enact its perverted fantasies.
A house that will never let them leave.

House of Craving is a larp with two full days of runtime. The first day you portray the family and their journey into destruction as House takes over. On the second day, you have become part of House. You are trapped in a cycle of repeating your desires from the past. A new family has moved into the house. A family you can use use to live out your desires one last time. Slowly you will lose yourself completely, and become fully part of House.

Forever and ever.

Tungen gled langsomt op ad stedbroderens hals. “Jeg forstår ikke hvorfor jeg gør dette her. Der er noget galt med dette her sted.” Der var en lille pause og et forskræmt blik i hans øjne, mens han stirrede tiltagende længselsfuldt efter stedbroderens krop. Pausen stoppede, og han begyndte at slikke videre på øret.

Længslernes hus handler om en familie der flytter ind et smukt art-deco palæ der står ned til en lille sø. Tingene tager en mørk drejning, når huset begynder at bruge familien til at udleve sine perverse lyster.

Scenariet bruger en kombination af klassisk semilive og fysisk spil, der forstærker karakterernes følelser og lyster. En af spillerne kommer til at spille huset og er afskåret fra at tale med de andre roller, men kommunikerer i stedet gennem fysisk berøring.

Played at

Fastaval - Mad Science (2017)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2017)

Other runs

30. June - 3. July 2019, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
1. - 4. July 2019, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
2. - 5. July 2019, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
3. - 6. July 2019, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
4. - 7. July 2019, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
29. July - 6. August 2021, Denmark: Five runs [cancelled]
3. - 6. July 2022, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
4. - 7. July 2022, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
5. - 8. July 2022, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
6. - 9. July 2022, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
7. - 10. July 2022, Allégården, Odense, Denmark
8. - 10. July 2022, Allégården, Odense, Denmark: Family Only


Fastaval - Mad Science (2017)

Winner, Bedste Virkemidler [+]
Nominated, Bedste Scenarie [+]
Nominated, Bedste Formidling [+]
Nominated, Bedste Fortælling [+]
Nominated, Deltagernes Pris (Delt andenplads)


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