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PoRtaL Larp Convention

About this convention

PoRtaL is an international conference dedicated to exploring ways to enhance and expand possibilities and opportunities of live-action role-playing (LARP) games. Founded in 2012., it is the biggest such conference in the South and South Eastern Europe.


PoRtaL 1: Zagreb (2013) Zagreb, Croatia
PoRtaL 2: Budapest (2014) Budapest, Hungary
PoRtaL 3: Zagreb (2015) Zagreb, Croatia
PoRtaL 4: Budapest (2016) Budapest, Hungary
PoRtaL 5: Zagreb (2017) Zagreb, Croatia
PoRtaL 6: Plovdiv (2018) Vasil Sokolov str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria
PoRtaL 7: Kiev (2019) Kiev, Ukraine
PoRtaL 8: Zagreb (2020) Zagreb, Croatia
PoRtaL 9: Athens (2021) VAULT Theatre Plus, Melenikou 26, Athens, Greece
PoRtaL 10: Kraków (2022) Kraków, Poland

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