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PoRtaL 9: Athens (2021)

PoRtaL 9: Athens

Location: VAULT Theatre Plus, Melenikou 26, Athens, Greece 🗺️
Date: 10. - 12. September 2021

Part of: PoRtaL Larp Convention

About the convention:

This year's PoRtaL aims to bring together all the industries it has affected or that have been affected by it. Thus, there will be speeches by Greek and European representatives. At the same time, there will be improvisational theater workshops, crafts that will be done between art exhibitions and LARP games, so that everyone can experience this experience first hand. Due to the international nature of the conference the main language will be English.

"Such a colorful festival could only be hosted at one of the most important "off-Broadway" stages in Athens, and more specifically at the Vault Theater Plus. Since 2012, VAULT has contributed like few to the development of the alternative theater scene, but also of artistic expression in general, and fittingly it will be the host of PoRtaL9 and its two exhibitions – photography and works of art", said Alexandros Alexiou (Communications Officer) PoRtaL9).

"With great joy, after a year and a half of being closed, we start the 2021-22 season with this international Festival that is being organized for the 1st time in our country where Greek and European creators and artists will participate. A three-day celebration for the organizers, speakers and participants of the festival", said Dimitris Karatzias and Manos Antoniadis (co-creators of the VAULT Multi-Heater).


Arrival at Tau Ceti Ivan Žalac LARP
Drama in the Cooperation Farm Illina Konakchieva LARP
Famiglia Bonifacio: The Evening Before Miroslav Wranka LARP
💾 Fortitude #LarpForClimate Zbigniew Janczukowicz LARP
Izgon – The Experiment Ivan Žalac LARP
💾 LarpChess Zbigniew Janczukowicz LARP
Mysterium: The Hunting Cabin LARP
Poker Face Marcin Słowikowski LARP
The “Divine” Return Krzystofa Korzycka
Jakub Korzycki
The Department of Magical Items LARP
The Pirate's Dilemma Anja Lotte Kastelic LARP


Organizer (LARP Bulgaria) George Vlaykov
Organizer (LARP Bulgaria) Ilina Konakchieva
Organizer (Larpifiers) Alexandros Alexiou
Organizer (Larpifiers) Angie Bandhoesingh
Organizer (Larpifiers) Eirini Charakaidi
Organizer (Larpifiers) Elektra Diakolambrianou
Organizer (Larpifiers) Konstantios Gerakaris
Organizer (Larpifiers) Nikola Sekulic
Organizer (Larpifiers) Odyssues Dallas
Organizer (Larpifiers) Polinikis
Organizer (Larpifiers) Theodore Oikonomou
Organizer (Nausika) Beata Subczak
Organizer (Nausika) Danai Chondrokouki
Organizer (Nausika) Jakub Jamrozik
Organizer (Nausika) Jakub Korzycki
Organizer (Nausika) Julia Leśniewska
Organizer (Nausika) Karolina Bednarczyk
Organizer (Nausika) Krzysia Korzycka
Organizer (Nausika) Maciej Tajduś
Organizer (Nausika) Maciek Tajdus
Organizer (Nausika) Marcin Słowikowski
Organizer (Nausika) Patrycja Paula Gas
Organizer (Nausika) Zbyszek Janczukowicz
Organizer (Nausika) Zofia Skowrońska
Organizer (Parallel Worlds) Ágnes Alma Upor
Organizer (Parallel Worlds) Balint Mark Turi
Organizer (Parallel Worlds) Nandor Laklia
Organizer (Terrible Creations) Miroslav Wranka

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