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Con Dôme (1999)

Con Dôme

Location: DTU, Lyngby, Denmark 🗺️
Date: 30. July - 1. August 1999

Part of: Con Dôme


PDF Programme [Danish] (3.7 MB)


Airglow Carsten Daugaard Call of Cthulhu
An end of peace and beginning of war Kenneth Dürr-Frederiksen LARP
Bjergets visdom & Byens Forblændethed Frank Lindvig Feng Shui
Den Ukendte Fare Esben William Holm-Hoppe
Morten Sønderlund
Den, der ler sidst... Jesper Dyreholt AD&D
Fatal Conspiracies Carsten Thorngaard Christensen Star Wars
Ferie i Spokane Frederik Cappeln Shadowrun 3rd Ed.
Kolins Scepter Søren Vestergaard AD&D
💾 Nevermore Henrik Vagner Systemløst
Puppetmaster Jannik Hansen
Tore Julø
Philip Stack
Stop Tyven Martin Hansen Silhouette
Søgen for hævn Nicolai H. Wium GURPS
Tale of The Little Red Troubleshooting-Hood Dennis Gadgaard Paranoia
Tamp 2: The Pagan Pilgrims. Kjeld Johansen AD&D
The Serpents Gambit Micky Jensen Vampire: The Masquerade
The Sleeper Awakens Marcus Wilmont Kult
Wrath of a God D. Y. Kult


Illustration, folder Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Illustration, folder Håkan Ackegård
Juntaen Bo Sell
Juntaen Christian Herrig
Juntaen Dennis Gadgaard
Juntaen Martin Hansen
Juntaen Niels Ravn
Kontakt Kjeld Johansen
Layout, folder Kjeld Johansen

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