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The Serpents Gambit

RPG system: Vampire: The Masquerade


✏️Micky Jensen


For centuries I have lived, an outsider among mortals. I still remember my days among the living. Images still come to surface, in the cold silence when I stand alone, looking down on those torchlit mortal settlements, their life running thick and red in their veins - their life; my life…

I cursed Raphael each and every time the dawn approached, and I had to take shelter below the ground. I was never to feel the loving touch of Helios again. I cursed Uriel each night when I awoke. Knowing that yet again the blood from an innocent would prolong my wretched existence by yet another day. I cursed Michael who stole from me, the comforting light of the flame. I bless Gabriel every night for the road of mercy, which soothes the beast that forever lurks within me.

By Caine's will, now the time has come for redemption. It will take more cursed souls than my own though, to stand against this brewing madness and despair. It is time to awaken from my millennium slumber and walk among the living once again.

Played at

Con Dôme (1999)

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