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Fatal Conspiracies

RPG system: Star Wars


✏️Carsten Thorngaard Christensen


Taiphoon Sector, New Republic 10 years after the battle of Endor...

New Republic Marshal Moris Dyhal has dispatched himself and his team of investigators to find and apprehend a group of slavers. An old friend has reported several irregularities regarding organized crime and the sighting of an imperial agent in the city of Raizak, located on the sector capital planet of Taiphoon.

While the team of investigators close in on the planet. A crisis has evolved in nearby star systems. Two systems have begun to war each other and the New Republic (and the press) fears that one or the other will turn to the empire in order to get the upper hand.

Join the fight against interstellar crime and possible the looming empire and all its dark and evil schemes...

Played at

Con Dôme (1999)

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