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Con Dôme (2005)

Con Dôme

Location: DTU, Lyngby, Denmark
Date: 29. - 31. July 2005

Part of: Con Dôme


Bjergets visdom & Byens Forblændethed Frank Lindvig Feng Shui
Debriefing Martin Hansen
Desires of the Damned Carsten Daugaard Vampire: The Masquerade
Diablo II½: The Secret Giant Hamster Level Peter Thestrup D20 / D6
Ferie i Spokane Frederik Cappeln Shadowrun 3rd Ed.
Five O'clock world Chad Underkoffer Dead Inside
💾 Hunger For The Flesh Kasper Nørholm Call of Cthulhu
Insanity Bites Jesper Dyreholt AD&D Ravenloft
Sangerheksen Gunver Weidemann D&D Basic
Sweet Alice Peter Thestrup D20 / D6
Tale of The Little Red Troubleshooting-Hood Dennis Gadgaard Paranoia
Tamp 9 (2005) Peter Thestrup D20/D6
The Four Horsebabes Christian Kjærgaard Feng Shui
UFO Rasmus Borch Shadowrun

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