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Necronomicon (1992)

Location: Bjerringbro Gymnasium
Date: 25. - 27. September 1992

Part of: Other

About the convention:

Con afholdt af Fairytale og THAC0


Baronens Hemmelighed Drakar och Demoner
Eksperimentet I René Deleuran
Thomas Møller
Call of Cthulhu Now
En stank af død AD&D
It's a violent world Michael G. Schmidt Cyberpunk 2020
IX D&D Basic
Missing Hardware Shadowrun
No problem Nis Petersen Paranoia
Skønjomfruernes skæbne Thomas Møller Viking (dansk)
Staying Alive René Deleuran
Thomas Møller
Michael G. Schmidt
Morten Øgendahl
LARP Call of Cthulhu
The Alaskan Incident René Deleuran
Michael G. Schmidt
The Crystal AD&D Greyhawk
The Immortals Dream D&D Basic
The preachers corner Morten Øgendahl Basic Roleplaying
The Riddle & the Artifact Michael G. Schmidt Vampire: The Masquerade
The Unknown Artifact Nis Petersen Call of Cthulhu


Kontakt Michael G. Schmidt

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