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Necronomicon (1992)

Location: Bjerringbro Gymnasium, Denmark
Date: 25. - 27. September 1992

Part of: Other

About the convention:

Con afholdt af Fairytale og THAC0


Baronens Hemmelighed Drakar och Demoner
Eksperimentet I René Deleuran
Thomas Møller
Call of Cthulhu Now
En stank af død AD&D
It's a violent world Michael G. Schmidt Cyberpunk 2020
IX D&D Basic
Missing Hardware Shadowrun
No problem Nis Petersen Paranoia
Skønjomfruernes skæbne Thomas Møller Viking [dk]
Staying Alive René Deleuran
Thomas Møller
Michael G. Schmidt
Morten Øgendahl
LARP Call of Cthulhu
The Alaskan Incident René Deleuran
Michael G. Schmidt
The Crystal AD&D Greyhawk
The Immortals Dream D&D Basic
The preachers corner Morten Øgendahl Basic Roleplaying
The Riddle & the Artifact Michael G. Schmidt Vampire: The Masquerade
The Unknown Artifact Nis Petersen Call of Cthulhu


Arrangør René Deleuran
Kontakt Michael G. Schmidt

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Spilverdenen Page 37 Nr. 16 (September 1992) SAGA [dk]

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