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Game Wrap

Volume 1

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PDF Game Wrap Volume 1 [engelsk] (1,3 MB)


Editor in Chief Vik Fuzaylova
Editorial Board Vik Fuzaylova
Editorial Board Stephen Kohler
Editorial Board Brian Richburg
Editorial Board Phoebe Roberts
Editorial Board Adina Schreiber
Author Liaison Brian Richburg
Layout Designer Kathleen De Smet
Webmaster Nat Budin


Page 2 Editor's Note Esteemed Reader!
Vik Fuzaylova Editor
Page 7 Designing a Larp for Educational Purposes
Learning Process and Communication in Graveyard of the Sacrifice
Muriel Algayres Writer
Page 12 Help-seeking Behavior, Goal Orientation, and GNS Theory in Interactive Literature Cameron Betts Writer
Page 12 Writing Process, Written Product Outside-In vs. Inside-Out Larp Design Nat Budin Writer
Page 25 Beyond Birdseed Bringing Immersion to Non-Combat Modules Kat Davis Writer
Page 31 Running Out of the Box
How to Produce a Pre-Written Theatre-Style Larp
Malcolm Harbrow Writer
Page 36 Communities in Larp Rachel Judd Writer
Page 43 A Time to (Not) Kill
An Examination of the Institution of “Kill Moratoriums,” Their Use, and Alternatives in the Craft of LARP
Matthew Kamm Writer
Page 47 Secrecy in Intercon-Style LARP Brian Richburg Writer
Page 52 Smile and Smile and Be a Villain
Supporting the Narrative Function of Villain
Roles in Larp
Phoebe Roberts Writer
Page 58 The Cowardice of Your Convictions Warren Tusk Writer
Page 64 Harnessing the Glowing Rectangle
Using Mobile and Computer Technology in LARP Play
Matthew Webb Writer
Page 70 Communicating Through Questionnaires Robert Wensley Writer
Page 77 Mytharc
A Narrative-Focused LARP Methodology
Caroline Murphy Writer
Page 87 Graveyard of the Sacrifice
An Edu-Larp About WWII
Muriel Algayres Writer

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