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Retford Moot B (2023)

Sted: Retford Hotel, Retford, Nottinghamshire, Storbritannia 🗺️
Dato: 2. - 5. februar 2023

Del av: Retford Moot

Om kongressen:

The UK Freeforms Committee is delighted to say that we will be running the Retford Moot at Retford Hotel from the Evening of Thursday 02 February 2023 to the Morning of Sunday 05 February 2023

We have a full schedule of events and games coming together of all varieties. We have plans for film nights, quiz, tank racing, afternoon teas, panels, board gaming, crafting and all types of RPGs.

Dates for sign ups will be announced closer to the date. Your sign up restrictions only count for games with limited slots, e.g. LARPs, Tabletops and specific board games. Ops, workshops and panels and any games you are a GM for do not count towards those numbers.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to be doing, or anything you want to share send us an email at convention DOT admin AT b DOT retfordmoot DOT ukfreeforms DOT org

We look forward to seeing you at the February Moot and welcoming you back to Consequences at Naish in 2023.


4 Natalie Curd
Nick Curd
Tony Mitton
Graham Walmsley
A Sisterly Soiree James Goodman LARP
Afternoon Tea Sue Lee
All Flesh is Grass Steve Hatherley LARP
Arsenic & Lies Kirstine Heald
Karolina Soltys
Burning Orchid Ben Allen
Nickey Barnard
Martin Jones
[…]Heidi Kaye
Alison Rider-Hill
Campfire and Queen Ray Hodson LARP
Hope Springs Eternal Nickey Barnard
Sue Jolly
Helen Jones
[…]Tym Norris
Traci Whitehead
Incense & Insensibility Nathan Richards
Richard Salmon
💾 Marlowe 2020 Kirt Dankmyer
Sue Lee
Jon Lemich
Richard Salmon
Murder On Olympus Jo Gould
Ray Hodson
Saga of the Lost Nick Curd
Alex Jones
Alli Mawhinney
[…]Tony Mitton
Mike Snowden
Traci Whitehead
Starfighters Craig Edgar
Ewan Munro
The Roswell Incident Steve Hatherley LARP
💾 Time Travel Review Board Nat Budin
Vito D'Agosta
Jae Hartwin
[…]Sue Lee
Richard Salmon
Mike Snowden
Susan Weiner
Anne Wiltgen


BidCom Chair Richard Salmon
BidCom Member Ray Hodson
BidCom Member Richard Salmon
BidCom Member Sue Lee
Boardgame Coordinator Alan Paull
Boardgame Coordinator Charlie Paull
Con Chair Ray Hodson
Con Chair Sue Lee
Data Controller Alison Rider-Hill
Hotel Liaison Sue Lee
Ops Simon Clark
Registrar Janet Young


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