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Alison Rider-Hill


Arrangør Railways and Respectability Amazing Consequences (2007)
Arrangør Best of the Wurst Bizarre Consequences (2008)
Arrangør The Wreckers Bizarre Consequences (2008)
✏️ Dance and Danseability Curious Consequences (2009)
Arrangør Dance and Danseability Curious Consequences (2009)
✏️ Burning Orchid Imaginary Consequences (2015)
✏️ Sinews of Peace Imaginary Consequences (2015)
Arrangør Sinews of Peace Lucky Consequences (2018)
Imaginary Consequences (2015)
✏️ Dulce et Decorum Est The Smoke (2018)
✏️ M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms Intercon R (2018)
Arrangør M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms Intercon R (2018)
✏️ Winning the Peace Lucky Consequences (2018)
Arrangør Winning the Peace Mythic Consequences (2019)
Continuum (2022)
Lucky Consequences (2018)
✏️ It's Everybody's War Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)
Arrangør It's Everybody's War Mythic Consequences (2019)


Fabulous Consequences (2012) Site Liaison
Gothic Consequences (2013) Site Liaison
Heroic Consequences (2014) Site Liaison
Imaginary Consequences (2015) Site Liaison
Judicious Consequences (2016) Site Liaison
Kaleidoscopic Consequences (2017) Site Liaison
Lucky Consequences (2018) Site Liaison
Mythic Consequences (2019) Site Liaison
Notorious Consequences (2020) Site Liaison
Otherworldly Consequences (2021) Site Liaison
Continuum (2022) Committee: Chair and University Liaison
Retford Moot A (2022) Data Controller
Retford Moot B (2023) Data Controller

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