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The Realms of Roleplay (1990)

The Realms of Roleplay

(alias: TRoR)

Sted: Kjellerupsgade Skole, Aalborg
Dato: 17. - 19. august 1990

Del av: TRoA Con

Om kongressen:

Gratis adgang for TRoA-medlemmer.
Andre skulle betale 30 kr. + 5 kr. pr. aktivitet

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PDF Program (0,9 MB)

The program is available for download but we haven't typed in all of the presentations of the games yet. We could use your help - if you want to help us by transcribing presentations from the program into the database please contact us.


A visit from Uncle Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Call of Cthulhu (TRoR 1990) Call of Cthulhu
Cause of Rebellion Star Wars
En ordentlig gang oprydning MERP
Oriental AD&D (TRoR 90) AD&D Oriental
Out From The Shadows Shadowrun
Rebels in Trouble Space Master
Soldiers of Misfortune Rolemaster
Sprawl 2090 Cyberspace
The Escape from the Maze of Trials D&D Basic
The Masquerade AD&D
The Ultimate Massacre Aliens II

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