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Sverok – Spelhobbyförbundet (The Swedish Gaming Federation) is a Swedish nationwide umbrella organization for gaming clubs. Sverok has published several magazines and newsletters over the years, including Districted News (news from Sverok Väst), Ostfronten (news from Sverok Ost, and Sverox/Signaler.

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Förord Page 3 Almagest Almagest
Megafonen Page 4 Rubicon #10 (Juni 1991) Rubicon
SVEROK Page 26 Rubicon #10 (Juni 1991) Rubicon
Kaldet fra det høje nord Page 30 Fønix nr. 5 (November/december 1994) Fønix
Slutledare Page 12 LinConLök (#2 1996) Löken
Stereotyper i rollspelshobbyn Page 25 Frispel #1 - Teori och vision (2004) Frispel
Nyheder om rollespil Page 8 #18 (April 2013) ROLLE|SPIL
Sverok (reklam) Page 76 Nr 3, 2021 Fenix

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