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Mind's Eye Theatre

World of Darkness (Vampire) Live rollespil


A fair time in Köln Jacob Klünder
ForumCon (2004)
Alle kongens mænd Christian Nørgaard
TRoA Con - Trolddom og Hekseri (2005)
Døde Profeters Klub Sara Hald
Christian Nørgaard
TRoA Con - Dybet (2006)
En nat i Champagne Jacob Klünder
Ba-Con (2010)
Kamp for frihed Hanne O. Jensen
Morten K. Pedersen
Helle Zinck
The Battle (1995)
Kupalas Nat Jacob Klünder
Maiken Klünder
Ba-Con (2012)
Live Vampire (TROA X) TRoA X (1995)
Mona Lisa Morten Nørgaard
Hyggecon (2003)
Mørkets Pagt
Survival of the Fittest (Live) Henrik Schou
TRoA XI (1996)
Time to Kill Christian Hammershøy
Todd Morris
Calling All Heroes 4th Edition (1995)
Vampire Minds Eye Robert Holmberg
Jonas Håkansson
MittCon (1997)

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