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Ancient Architects

Front page for Ancient Architects

Participants: 2-4 players


designerMads Fløe


Ancient Architects is a 2-4 player, pyramid "building" family game, where players compete to make the best pyramid design:

o Use the right stones
o Make burial chambers accessible
o Decorate with symbols of the gods
o Assign a balanced workforce

During the game you gain crucial experience (cards) that provides you with special actions and/or abilities. As each card is unique, each play provides a fresh, asymmetric challenge to all players.

I Ancient Architects dyster i om at blive Faraoens Mesterarkitekt, ved at lave det bedste pyramidedesign.
- Familie-venligt (Ticket to Ride, Azul ol.)
- Nemt at lære (kun 3 sider med tekst i reglerne)
- 20-30 minutter pr. spil og 2-4 spillere

Played at

Aarhus Brætspilsfestival (2020)

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