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Frankenstein's Creatures

Genre: Drama, Gyser, Novellescenarie
Participants: 1 GM, 3-8 players


✏️Graham Walmsley


In a forest, creatures wake in their new bodies and discover who they are. When the world rejects them as ugly, twisted and monstrous, they must decide: do they fight back against a world that rejects them or accept that they are evil? How does a monster live? Frankenstein’s Creatures is a short freeform game that plays with themes of loneliness, queerness and self-acceptance. There’s a lot of guided meditation, a lot of physical movement and a lot of monsters trying to work out who they are.

Played at

Fastaval (2016)
Black Box Horsens (2017)


Fastaval (2016)

Nominated, Specialprisen
Fremmedgørelsen er totalt for monstrene. Både fra deres egen krop og fra resten af verden. Scenariet sætter alt ind på at fremkalde en enkelt følelse og lader spillerne udforske den.


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