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Steve Bassett


Organizer SPQR Amazing Consequences (2007)
Organizer House on the Hill Bizarre Consequences (2008)
Organizer Intrigue in the Clouds Bizarre Consequences (2008)
✏️ Davy Jones' Locker Dramatic Consequences (2010)
Organizer Intrigue Beneath the Waves Extraordinary Consequences (2011)
✏️ Volcano's Edge Intercon R (2018)

Organizer roles

Fabulous Consequences (2012) Con Chair
Fabulous Consequences (2012) Advertising
Fabulous Consequences (2012) Operations
Fabulous Consequences (2012) Outreach
Fabulous Consequences (2012) Registration and Event Signup
Gothic Consequences (2013) Con Chair
Gothic Consequences (2013) Advertising
Gothic Consequences (2013) Operations
Gothic Consequences (2013) Outreach
Gothic Consequences (2013) Registration and Event Signup
Heroic Consequences (2014) Con Chair
Heroic Consequences (2014) Advertising
Heroic Consequences (2014) Operations
Heroic Consequences (2014) Outreach
Heroic Consequences (2014) Registration and Event Signup
Imaginary Consequences (2015) Con Chair
Imaginary Consequences (2015) Advertising
Imaginary Consequences (2015) Operations
Imaginary Consequences (2015) Outreach
Imaginary Consequences (2015) Registration and Event Signup
Judicious Consequences (2016) Con Chair
Judicious Consequences (2016) Advertising
Judicious Consequences (2016) Operations
Judicious Consequences (2016) Outreach
Judicious Consequences (2016) Registration and Event Signup

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