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Intrigue in the Clouds

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 26-31 players, Male characters: 17-19, Female characters: 8-11, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 1


✏️Dana Edgell
✏️Dean Edgell

Bizarre Consequences (2008), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom

OrganizerSteve Bassett
OrganizerSue Lee
OrganizerAJ Smith
OrganizerBrian Williams


The year is 1886. The world is not quite our own. Queen Victoria rules Britannia and all her colonial possessions. The Ripper haunts the streets of Whitechapel. Unknown forces are at work in the world. The Great Powers of Europe stand at the brink of war. Join the passengers and crew of the airship Royal Victoria as she crosses the Atlantic on a voyage to destiny. Cross wits with notorious diplomats,spies, scholars, heroes, rogues, killers and worse. The occult mixes with mystery, love and danger on a GothicPulp airship.

Come play one of the one of the passengers or crew aboard the airship Royal Victoria in a world of Victorian adventure and intrigue that is not quite our own. Intrigue in the Clouds is a "theatre-style" LARP game of heroes and villains, romance and intrigue, death and life.

In an alternate-world Victorian era, the passengers and crew aboard the airship Royal Victoria face mystery, love and danger on a voyage to destiny. Come play the steam-punk style game that was a smash hit at Intercon 13.5!

Played at

Intercon XV (2000)
Intercon G (2007)
Bizarre Consequences (2008)
Intercon R (2018)


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