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Joshua Kronengold


✏️ A Day at the Baths, A Day at the Races Intercon F (2006)
✏️ Jamais Vue  
✏️ Hot Tub o' Magic (Bathes II) (dry) Intercon G (2007)
✏️ Ghost Fu: The Jade Emperor's Celestial Tournament Intercon H (2008)
✏️ Jamais Vu [JV 1] Intercon I (2009)
✏️ Presque Vu [JV 2] Intercon I (2009)
✏️ Pulp Adventures: Hunt for the Lost McGuffin. Intercon J (2010)
✏️ GhostFu: The Jade Emperor's Celestial Tournament Intercon K (2011)
✏️ ... and the Electric Labyrinth Intercon L (2012)
✏️ Vue to a Kill Intercon L (2012)
✏️ Jamais Vue (revised) Intercon M (2013)
✏️ The Barbecue Intercon M (2013)
✏️ Breakthru! Coming of Age in a Superverse Intercon S (2019)

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