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Presque Vue (revised)

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 2-20 players

Organized by

Straightjackets Optional


✏️Joshua Kronengold
✏️Julian Lighton
✏️Lisa Padol
✏️Stephen Tihor

Intercon O (2015), United States

OrganizerJoshua Kronengold
OrganizerJulian Lighton
OrganizerLisa Padol
OrganizerGaylord Tang
OrganizerStephen Tihor


A Space Opera Amnesia Game, by the same team and in the same galaxy as Jamais Vue.

A mysterious death in closed environment, sudden crises, options to change the world. The fate of the universe is in your hands again. If only you knew who you were.

Not hard SF but not entirely soft and squishy, either. Inspirations included E.E. Doc Smith, LArry Niven, David Brin, and many others from our well spent Youth.

The [questionaire is up here](https://secure.journeysurveys.com/answer/607), if you sign up, please fill it in.

Played at

Intercon O (2015)

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