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Tobias Tarnvik-Laesker


Organizer Spores of the sad shroom KryptCon I (2019)
Organizer They came... FROM OUTER SPACE!!! KryptCon I (2019)
Organizer The Cowboy Princess from Ghost Town KryptCon II (2019)
Organizer Gathox vertical slum: Quake Alley Mayhem KryptCon III (2020)
Organizer Through the gates of flesh KryptCon IV (2020)
Organizer The Ghost Tower of Inverness KryptCon V (2021)
Organizer Attack on the Amaranth Temple KryptCon VI (2022)
Organizer The Domed Palace of Binider the Perceiver of the Peculia KryptCon VI (2022)

Organizer roles

KryptCon I (2019)
KryptCon II (2019)
KryptCon III (2020)
KryptCon V (2021)
KryptCon VI (2022)
KryptCon VII (2022)

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