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The Domed Palace of Binider the Perceiver of the Peculia

RPG system: Swords & Wizardry Complete
Participants: 1 GM, 2-5 players


OrganizerTobias Tarnvik-Laesker


Deep beneath a lake in the Fantastic Administrative garden in Magitek Praecinctum, Benider resides in his Domed glass palace.
One can only access the palace by making a vortex in the lake. There is no ladder, so some form of boat and rope is to be preferred. Having repelled oneself down, one arrives in a courtyard in front of the fantastic domed palace of Binider the Perceiver of the Peculiar.
There's rumors of fantastic treasures, horrible monsters and weird machines. Who wouldn't want to break in and check it out?

Played at

KryptCon VI (2022)

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