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Forum (2020)

Location: Midtfyns Fritidscenter, Ringe, Denmark
Date: 11. - 13. September 2020

Part of: Forum

This convention has been cancelled.

About the convention:

Forum has been postponed to a later time in 2020.

We haven't had access to a program for this convention. The list is simply based on external references, memory, rumours and so on and the list might not be completed.
If you have a correction or are in access of a program then please send us an update.


Årets Ildsjæl

Lillian Hjorth Hansen [+]
Ingrid Kaaber Pors [+]
Malene Kolle Rasmussen [+]
Dennis G. Nielsen [+]
Victoria Egeberg Kaxe [+]
Kalle Hunnerup [+]

Årets Bifald

Rasmus Teilmann [+]
Sofie Liv Støvelbæk [+]
Nickolaj Storgaard Oksen [+]
Katrine Wind & Kathrine Abel [+]
Andrea Horndrup [+]


Arrangør Klara Rotvig
Arrangør Christinna Beeken
Auktion Mikkel Bistrup Andersen
Priskomité Martin Andreas Dahl Sinding
Priskomité Louise Amalie Juul Sønderskov
Priskomité Lau K. Lauritzen
Priskomité Joachim Dittman Jepsen
Priskomité Ann Christensen
Priskomité Frederik Nissen


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