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Con Dôme (1997)

Location: DTU, Lyngby, Denmark
Date: 25. - 27. July 1997

Part of: Con Dôme


3 i Bogart Henrik Bisgaard Flere forskellige
Besked fra Mr. Olbaid Kåre L. Jensen Systemløst
Black Wolf on an Eastern Shore Alvin Gellert
Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Visual Reality
Border Walkers Marcus Wilmont Kult
De Fem Bag Døren Ditte Nordsted Basic Roleplaying
Desires of the Damned Carsten Daugaard Vampire: The Masquerade
Det Russiske Hospital Carsten Daugaard Call of Cthulhu
Dimensional Disaster Bo Nielsen
Anders Lars Schou Nielsen
Asger Stoustrup
Hot Ground Henning Jørgensen GURPS
In the Dawn of Darkness Kjeld Johansen In Nomine
Insanity Bites Jesper Dyreholt AD&D Ravenloft
Intrigues on Heliios Carsten Thorngaard Christensen Star Wars
IT's gone, Get IT? Dennis Gadgaard Paranoia
Lady Sandrine Skjalm Arrøe Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Renfields Sidste Dage Sebastian Flamant Call of Cthulhu 1890 Gaslight
Sightseeing in Seattle Morten Hvid Andersen Shadowrun
Tamp 5: Big, Ugly and Extremely Powerful. Mikkel Schiøtz AD&D
Tamp 8: Absolute Hack. Mikkel Schiøtz AD&D
The Crystal Ball Henning Jørgensen Earthdawn
The Magician Carsten Friis Space Master
Vanviddets melodi Bjarne Sinkjær Call of Cthulhu
Veng Tales: A modern ghost story Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Visual Reality


Juntaen Henning Jørgensen
Juntaen Jesper Lycke Petersen
Juntaen Lars Peter Sarauw
Juntaen Michael Freyr
Juntaen Steffen S. Andreasen

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