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GuardianCON XIII (2015)

GuardianCON XIII

Location: Lynnwood, Washington, United States
Date: 18. - 21. June 2015

Part of: GuardianCON

About the convention:

GuardianCon the 13th: In 3-D!

Originally a reunion for the long-running (25 years and counting) Guardians of Earth Villains and Vigilantes campaign in Washington's North Puget Sound, GuardianCon has diversified and thrived. Game systems represented over the years have included not only V&V but also Star Wars (WEG), Star Trek (Decipher), d20 Modern, D&D (3.0 through 5), Marvel Heroic Roleplaying / Coretex Plus, Warhammer 40K, Living Legends, Operation: Fallen Reich, Paranoia!, Hellcats & Hockeysticks, Dark Heresy, Exalted, Aberrant, Champions (5th edition), and several homebrewed systems. GuardianCon, now in its thirteenth year, is:

low budget
no frills, just games
no celebrities or long lines
inclusive of grognards and n00bz alike
flying under the radar--no sponsors, no strings attached, no problem

We are a small, player-run mini-convention. Our costs for attendance are $30 for all 4 days, and $10 per day for partial attendance. We provide discounts for GMs ($5 per session, to a maximum of $10). Attendance fees cover snack foods and beverages, a mid-Saturday pizza delivery or BBQ (depends on our mood), and venue costs.

Outside of the con, all food and lodging are the responsibility of each attendee.

Venue location(s) and details will be provided to those registering. T-shirt ordering information is on our Facebook page (link below).

We look forward to rolling with you.


A Time Of Darkness Star Wars
Clang Clang 2: Draconic Boogaloo Tom Renbarger D&D 5th Edition
Cracked Rear View Star Trek
Cricket and Crocodiles Tom Renbarger Operation: Fallen Reich
CSI Ravensgate: Who Mourns For Lt. Adonis? d20 System
Firestorm Villains and Vigilantes
Same As It Never Was Jake Rainwater D&D 5th Edition
Star Trek: SCIS - Pilot Episode Star Trek
The World Wakes Lord of the Rings 4th Age
White Plume Mountain D&D 5th Edition

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