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Playground Magazine

Issue #6 - September 2012


PDF Playground Magazine issue 6 [engelsk] (23,2 MB)


Editor-in-chief Kasper Friis Hansen
Editor Claus Raasted
Editor Lars Kaos Andresen
Art Direction Lars Kaos Andresen
House photographer Peter Munthe-Kaas
Proofreading Evan Torner
Proofreading Aaron Vanek
Cover model Ann Kristine Eriksen
Cover image Peter Munthe-Kaas
Print Toptryk


Side 5 We want MORE!
It’s been a busy spring in Denmark: Fastaval. Solmukohta. Krigslive. We’ve met a lot of old friends, and gotten new friends from abroad.
Lars Kaos Andresen Text
Side 6 Editorial It's all been done before
Change is a good thing, right? It has a delicious aftertaste of evolution and visionary politics.
Kasper Friis Hansen Text
Side 8 News News and stuff
What’s going on in the world of role-playing?
Side 14 Fastaval of Change
How does a convention ensure constant change?
Lars Kaos Andresen Text
Peter Munthe-Kaas Photo
Side 20 We’re laughing at YOU!
How role-playing is percieved in popular media
Lars Kaos Andresen Text
Press Photo
Side 24 States of Stasis
Evan Torner reviews the Solmukohta 2012 book
Evan Torner Text
Side 27 Krigslive - a changing larp
They fight and fight, and fight, and fight, and fight
Lars Kaos Andresen Text
Peter Munthe-Kaas Photo
Christina Molbech Photo
Side 38 24-hour larp design
Aaron Vanek on fast larp design
Aaron Vanek Text
Side 42 5 things we lie about in larp
Bjarke Pedersen takes a critical look at larp dogma
Bjarke Pedersen Text
Side 44 The Nordic invasion
What can Nordic and American larpers learn from each other?
Aaron Vanek Text
Side 48 A strange journey into Solmukohta
Solmukohta. What is it? And what isn’t it?
Evan Torner Text
Side 54 How bleed is ruining larp
A personal uproar from Rasmus Høgdall
Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard Text

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