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Playground Magazine

Issue #5 - September 2012


PDF Playground Magazine issue 5 [engelsk] (23,3 MB)


Editor-in-chief Kasper Friis Hansen
Editor Claus Raasted
Editor Lars Kaos Andresen
Art Direction Lars Kaos Andresen
Front cover image Bjarke Pedersen
Print Toptryk


Side 4 International larp projects 2012
Side 5 All our Playground are belong to you
Side 6 Editorial Mixing of stories and games
I once designed a larp. Some of the participants told me it was great. Some told me it sucked. A lot of them told me, that they couldn’t really make up their minds.
Side 8 News News and stuff
What’s going on in the world of roleplaying?
Side 10 Advertisement City of Cities (advertisement)
This year, the end of the world is in Denmark
Side 16 A guide to stories & games
What’s the story and what’s the game
Florian Berger Text
Side 20 Pictorial A peek into the box
Pictorial from Blackbox CPH
Bjarke Pedersen Photo
Peter Munthe-Kaas Photo
Side 28 Article An alibi for religious ecstacy
A tool to creating better larps
Lars Kaos Andresen Text
Bjarke Pedersen Photo
Frederik Berg Photo
Side 34 The perfect alibi
Or why larpers shouldn’t date
Sanne Harder Text
Frederik Berg Text
Side 38 Lance Weiler and new media
A look into cutting edge games
Kasper Friis Hansen Text
Side 42 Interview Jim Babb
Stuff happens!
Side 44 Why not reruns?
A happy little family game.
Jonas Trier Text
Li Xin Photo
Side 48 10 ways to manipulate your players
Here’s how to get your way with players
Peter Munthe-Kaas Text
Side 50 8 ways to hack the larp
Here’s how your take over the game as a player
Erlend Eidsem Hansen Text
Side 54 The theme for next issue
We want YOU for Playground
Side 56 Review Review: Leaving Mundania
A journalist investigates American larpers - and us!
Claus Raasted Text
Side 60 The election game
Just add a pinch of larp
Geir Tore Brenne Text

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