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Playground Magazine

Issue #7 - September 2012


PDF Playground Magazine issue 7 [engelsk] (16,6 MB)


Editor-in-chief Kasper Friis Hansen
Editor Claus Raasted
Editor Lars Kaos Andresen
Art Direction Lars Kaos Andresen
House photographer Peter Munthe-Kaas
Proofreading Evan Torner
Proofreading Aaron Vanek
Cover model Two Sexy Bears
Cover image iStock
Print Toptryk


Side 3 Editorial Never tell me the odds! Claus Raasted
Side 4 Editorial Get to work! Kasper Friis Hansen
Side 6 News News and stuff
What’s going on in the world of role-playing?
Side 12 Charlie and the improv factory
What is the fuzz about improv?
Kasper Friis Hansen Text
Søs Uldall-Ekman Photo
Side 18 Why rerun Just a little lovin’?
What are we going to learn from reruns?
Lajvverkstaden Photo
Karen Ryding Photo
Side 22 Learning in Lithuania
Larping for a better world
Kristoffer Thurøe Text
Side 26 The big test of simulated sex
The fuck, and fuck - and fuck and fuck and fuck
Nynne Søs Rasmussen Text
Side 34 Guide to US conventions
From 35 to 46.000 participants
Jason Morningstar Text
Lizzie Stark Text
Evan Torner Text
Side 38 Larping with strangers at Roskilde 2012
The Big Game got people going at Roskilde
Claus Raasted Text
Side 42 The 41 Year-Old Virgin
Larping for the first time
Lars Kaos Andresen Text
Niels Jensen Photo
Lars Kaos Andresen Photo
Side 46 Parlor games that will FUCK you up!
Let’s all put our hands into the burning alcohol!
Aaron Vanek Text
Side 50 What about safety?
Another personal uproar from Rasmus Høgdall
Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard Text
Side 54 Structured freeform defined
Let’s agree to what we’re talking about!
Emily Care Boss Text

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