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Playground Magazine

Issue #1: Bleed - February 2011

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PDF Playground Magazine issue 1 [engelska] (10,4 MB)


Editor-in-chief Matthijs Holter
Editor Sanne Harder
Editor Laura Kalli
Editor Anders Nygaard
Editor Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Editor Juhana Pettersson
Editor Jonas Trier
Editor Even Tømte
Art Direction & Design Li Xin
Art Direction & Design Thomas Sørlie Hansen
Organization & Support Erlend Sand Bruer
Organization & Support Martin Nielsen
Organization & Support Erlend Eidsem Hansen
Organization & Support Frida Sofie Sterten Jansen
Organization & Support Håken Lid
Organization & Support Ane Marie Anderson
Cover photo Li Xin
Print Flisa Trykkeri


Sida 2 Editorial A word from the editor Matthijs Holter
Sida 3 This is the Playground
Sida 4 Things
Ole Peder Giæver Text
Sida 6 Article Play The Game. Get laid.
Pickup Artists are men with a technical approach to picking up women. They set scenes, rehearse improvisation and act out personas. All in order to create a strong emotional response in their «audience»: The women they are picking up. Is this the dark twin of roleplaying? A strange pervasive play, willing to cut the ethical corners that only the boldest game designers will?
Nynne Søs Rasmussen Text
Christina Molbech Photo
Sida 12 Pixel crush doesn’t even begin to explain it
In Dragon Age, you can make your character fall in love. As it turns out, players fall in love too.
Annika Waern Text
Sida 16 Danger has arrived
During its first two decades of existence, roleplaying was often labeled as «dangerous». Over the years the criticism died out; yet today we see players coming out of games emotionally as well as physically bruised, unable to shake off their characters. Thediscussion on «danger» may be more relevant than ever before.
Peter Fallesen Text
Kristoffer Thurøe Photo
Sida 20 Loving the game
In the dream world of the game, it's easy to form an ephemeral relationship. Why is it so hard to leave them behind?
Marie Wolfsberg Oscilowski Text
Peter Munthe-Kaas Photo
Sida 24 Not your dad’s dungeons
Dungeons are places. But they are also conversations, ideas, feelings, and memories.
Tony Dowler Text & illustration
Sida 28 Who were you, Santiago?
Czech roleplayers explore the anatomy of revolution.
Eirik Fatland Text
Li Xin Photo
Sida 34 Novel excerpt IRL
Rannveig Revhaug’s first novel, «IRL» was released in 2010. The young lady, the main character of the book, makes her way through a world and a life feeling like a series of computer games. Here is an excerpt.
Rannveig Revhaug Author
Sida 38 9/11 & Back to the future
Travelling on an endless tour of Jeepform evangelism, Frederik Berg Østergaard takes you deep into the heart of the terra incognita of Polish larp.
Frederik Berg Text
Sida 44 Bumping into walls
When performance and roleplaying mix, the role of the audience is challenged. Should roleplayers lean back and enjoy the piece, or try to respond to the situation as participants? Gabriel Widing takes a criti-cal look at a participatory performance.
Gabriel Widing Text
Emdot Photo
Sida 46 The creation of a killer
One day, Stine Marie Jacobsen asked her neighbour to kill her.
Sanne Harder Text
Stine Marie Jacobsen Photo
Sida 52 Understanding Gang Rape
Gang Rape is a game designed to inflict a terrible experience on the participants. What's it like?
Markus Montola Text
Tommi Kovala Illustration
Sida 56 The god in the game
J. Tuomas Harviainen was supposed to become a priest. Instead, he became the father of Finnish sadomasochist larp.
Juhana Pettersson Text
Pauliina Männistö Photo
Sida 62 Things
Ole Peder Giæver Text

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