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Forside til Redshift

Sjanger: Drama, Sci-Fi


✏️Tayler Stokes

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PDF Scenarie [engelsk] (5,6 MB)


Long ago, the Earth was dying. Well before the end came, the Euryale – a sleeper-ship – was launched, hastily built, and aimed at a distant star. It was an ark, full of cryogenically frozen people and enough genetic material to give humans another chance on a new world, if they could find one. That was 300 years ago. Contact was lost just as the ship reached Beta Persei.

Meanwhile, climate change ravaged those remaining on Earth. Against every prediction, humanity survived – barely. After many generations Earth has become habitable in some areas, but there aren't enough people to perform the work that will need to be done to re-establish infrastructure. Each generation is smaller than the last. Some technology from prior space programs has been salvaged, and a small crew was sent aboard the Rubicon with orders to bring the Euryale home. The Euryale's technology was key to rebuilding Earth civilization.

The players take the role of this small rescue crew; a space crew with insufficient training and untrustworthy equipment. Even at more than 99% the speed of light, roughly 200 years will pass on Earth before they return home from their voyage. The Earth they find upon their arrival will be unlike the Earth they had left behind; everyone they knew will be long dead, the geopolitical map will be rearranged, the globe will have endured centuries of meteorological upheaval. The crew will be received as heroes, but also as strangers. Personally, they will come home to nothing, for better or worse.

Redshift is a science fiction scenario that explores the implications of the time dilation resulting from interstellar travel at near light speeds. Players are initially presented with their character's outward facade, and will only learn the truth about their pasts as play progresses. Players will correspond with someone they left behind on Earth by writing letters, move around using microgravity techniques, and reconcile the contradictions of their characters' personal natures. This scenario explores a wide variety of potentially sensitive subjects. This may include discussions regarding violence, trauma, bullying, sexual predation, abandonment, loss, grief, shame, guilt, and fear.

Spilt på

Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)


Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)

Nominated, Juryens Specialpris [+]

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