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System: Systemløst
Sjanger: Efterforskning, Gyser
Deltakere: 2-4 players


✏️Alexander Buchberg


In the small town of Ravenfield life is like that of a creek, nothing much exciting, but always moving forward. The small shops sell what they can and people live off the forrests, creeks and mines that surround the small mountain community.

This was all until the morning where the bodies of three people were found at Shrikes’ hollow, their bodies mangled and twisted around an old withered oak, in a display of cruelty and torment never seen before.

With no apparent motive and no forensic evidence to follow and weeks passing, the job of invistigating the case has fallen upon an unlikely group of investigators each with their own talents and specialities.

Trying to put togehter the puzzle piece by piece, will you shine a light on the mystery, or will there forever be Darkness?

For it is the morning of your arrival, and new horrors have shaken the town of Ravenfield.

Spilt på

Avacon (2014)

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