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The Secret Garden

Deltakere: 3 players


✏️Lila Clairens
✏️Carolina Renman
ArrangørDominika Kováčová


The Secret Garden is an intimate scenario about friendship and how easily we overlook the value of what we've got in the search for something better. Three friends are looking back to the years they had in The Secret Garden, their own homeground for friendship in all its aspects, closeness, conflict and separation. At the end of the scenario, death is looming to remind us how we sometimes neglect the most important things.

The characters are established thoroughly thorugh a workshop. The scenario is easy to play. It uses simple zones of different colours to facilitate seamless time-jumps but stays away from intrusive metatechniques to let the story flow completely in the hands of the characters.

The secret garden is a poetic game about friendship and grief. A group a three friends split up several years ago. One of them just died of cancer, and the two others are invited to the funeral. They are going to remember the good times they had in the "garden", which is a metaphorical place.

Player type: This is a game for players who quickly can switch between scenes.
Game elements: A metatecnichue designed for the game will be used during the game.

Spilt på

Grenselandet (2013)
Blackbox Cph III (2013)

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