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The Accountant

System: SLA Industries


✏️D. Y.


<File D482-BC-4/6-899>
Hardcopy - SCL requirements: SCL 3A - Access Code Grey
Black Chapter File - [Not for public release]

Transcript of recorded anonymous phone call to Larissa Clark - SCL 9B,
Channel 8 News - Mort, Downtown Phoenix - June 4th, 899 SD

Why do humans kill? Humans are animals, highly evolved perhaps, but animals none the less. We kill out of necessity or to obtain conscious or subconscious pleasure just as any other carnivore would do and we love the excitement of the instinctive hunt. Adrenaline ravages our systems as we stalk the dark back alleys of metropolitan cities, lusting to be either victims or agents of death and pain, and nothing is greater than the thrill of fearing or being feared, two things that are basically the same. I guess that is why they are so afraid of me, because my motivations are quite different from the rest of our kinds. I kill out of curiosity and a deeply felt desire to learn from the experience, to understand what it is that fuels my indifference and lack of guilt. I am detached. I am a scientist and my field is that of human nature.

<Call traced to 139, Roscoe Avenue, Mort Downtown Sector 47, Lvl 5 - Shiver
Units despatched to suspected crime scene>

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Chop Con (2002)

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