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Meeting Room One: a Silt Verses LARP

System: LARP
Deltakere: 10 players

Arrangert av

Ruffled Feathers and The Silt Verses


✏️Jacqueline Bryk


Dear Operations Manager,

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be part of the Selections Committee. Our Consultants have determined that you possess a unique mix of skill and personality to be able to make hard choices in a short time. This does come with a bonus, so think twice before rejecting this generous offer!

As you know, Old Black Crow Incorporated is undergoing sponsorship changes. While our relationship with the Bronze Savant has been long and fruitful, we have mutually decided to terminate that contract, as it is no longer beneficial.

We are excited to announce that our new brand sponsor is the Crawling-In-Ecstasy!

As you know from the presentations, the millipede-god represents industry and corporate collective action — plus, millipedes are very difficult to stamp out! We are excited to begin work with our new sponsor, and for that we need you! Sacrifices must be made, and it is you who will choose those sacrifices! We believe that you represent the voice of the employees of Old Black Crow Incorporated, and we ask you to form the head of the millipede so that the hundreds of thousands of legs can thrive.

Please join us in Meeting Room One this evening to determine what we must cut so Old Black Crow Incorporated can continue to grow.

Yours sincerely, Management


Meeting Room One is a LARP about corporate culture, hard choices, and sending others to their deaths. Players portray one of ten Operations Managers who have gathered together to choose the human sacrifices that will bless Old Black Crow Incorporated's new contract with the god Crawling-In-Ecstasy. They have no guides other than prospective sacrifices' dossiers, the above email, and images shown to them on a projector. These images have been chosen by the Consultants — voices of the many gods of this world. Are they signs, or are they nonsense? Only the Operations Managers can decide. They have two hours to pick twelve sacrifices.

Meeting Room One is a LARP set in the world of *The Silt Verses*, and contains spoilers up to Ep7: It Carries Few, It Drowns Many. It is developed in concert with *The Silt Verses* creators, Jon Ware and Muna Hassen, with thanks to Heath Umbreit and Jess Comstock.

**Play this game if:** You enjoy *The Silt Verses*, you want to play a more corporate version of *Magpie*, you like systemic horror, you like folk horror, you want to make hard choices, you want to play someone who is "just following orders", you want to play a villain, you want to play a martyr, you want to play a fanatic, you want to experience the horror of corporate fascism as written by antifascists.

**This game is not:** Destroying the system, killing your boss, wallowing in gore, doing evil things for no reason, cackling cartoon villainy.

Spilt på

Intercon U (2022)

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