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Ron T. Blechner


✏️ Grief, Illinois Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
✏️ Forever and Never Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)
✏️ Be Your Best Keanu Intercon S (2019)
✏️ The Fortunate Ones Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
✏️ Montage! Intercon T (2020)
✏️ No Sex In The Holodeck Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)
✏️ Hand in Unlovable Hand Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U (2023)
Arrangør Hand in Unlovable Hand Intercon U (2023)
Arrangør Montage! Intercon U (2023)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

The Fortunate Ones: Nominated, Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions
The Fortunate Ones uses asymmetry in play in a wonderfully novel and purposeful way. It uses many aspects of play that would only be possible in a digital environment to embody a human and an AI who have a high amount of information asymmetry - not over plot or history, but over how they understand the world around them. We won't spoil the author's debrief, but this game is well worth anyone's time who wants to gain a bit more understanding for others' experiences with the world.

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