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Nordic Game Jam (2023)

Nordic Game Jam

Sted: Aalborg Universitet København, Danmark 🗺️
Dato: 13. - 16. april 2023

Del av: Nordic Game Jam

Om kongressen:

What is Nordic Game Jam?

Nordic Game Jam is an annual 48 hours game jam hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark… and its pretty big!

More than 500 participants will be creating their own game together with artists, designers, writers, programmers and gamers.

We aim to create a game jam that not only facilitates game development but one where participants can get to meet industry experts, sit together with inspiring people, learn from workshops/talks and most important get to work on their dreams.

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LEGO Shake 'n' Bake Jan Johansson
Should They Be Wearing Socks?
Spoons n' Balloons


Alexander Birke
Finance Jaro
Keynote: It's been 10 Years Since Tropes vs Women in Video Games: What's Changed? Anita Sarkeesian
Keynote: See that mountaion? You can climb it? Osama Dorias
Lead, Planning & Administration Daniel Todorov
Location Antony Nestoridis
Location Lukas Winther
Marketing Jaime Monedero March
Marketing Mark Poulsen
Marketing Walter Stoerger
Program Anahid Attaran
Program Chema Damak
Sponsors Aleksandra Bralczyk
Sponsors Grant LaFarge
Talk: Accessibility in gaming; Helping me will help you! Elisabeth Sivertsen
Talk: Colors aren't real Inna Hansen
Talk: Community Superpowers Søren Lundgaard
Talk: Decolonise Your Jam Allan Cudicio
Talk: Efficient Game Asset Creation for Game Jams and Prototyping Kim Aava
Talk: Emplayed in the Danish Game Industry - what are my legal rights and what is the salary level? Maria Hilbig
Talk: European and Danish funding and training oppertunities Lone Garde
Talk: European and Danish funding and training oppertunities Simon Løvind
Talk: How to use LEGO kit workshop Brian Bunch Christensen
Talk: How to use LEGO kit workshop Mads Purup
Talk: Innovation workshop: 'Even kids could do this' Maria Planes
Talk: Online multiplayer doesn't need to be that scary! Ciro Continisio
Talk: Playful Possibilities: Make games without a game engine Daniel Martin Nielsen
Talk: Porting your Unity Knowledge to Godot Engine Andy Touch
Talk: Sound and how to playfully create it for your jam game Martin Kvale
Talk: User Research is great! Why doesn't everyone do it? Jonathan Bonillas
Talk: What video games can learn from toy play Jonathan Trier
Vendors & Program Teresina Ho
Website, Marketing & Program Frans Peter Larsen


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