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The Lök GothCon XX - 5 april 1996


PDF The Lök (GothCon XX - 1996) [Swedish] (20.2 MB)


Page 2 Editorial
Page 2 The Lök on the air
Page 2 Terrorist nuke?
Page 2 Printing press Sabotaged
Page 2 How cheap is a consience?!
Page 3 The Ten year Jubilar
The roleplaying-group Kalle Kottes Kobolder!
Jonas Petersson Skribent
Page 3 The Grades for SydCon and LinCon
Larissa da Silva Skribent
Page 4 Interview with Steve Jackson Lars Molle Johansson Skribent
Page 5 Illuminati, The New World Order
Lars Molle Johansson Skribent
Page 6 Dinohunt
Will Steve Jackson´s latest creation meet the expectarions?
Tor Schönmeir Skribent
Page 7 Drinking Magic?
John Bredal Skribent
Page 7 The Profile
Christoffer Krämer Skribent
Page 8 Six silly questions
Page 8 Deny everything

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