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Fair Tidings Magazine

2 - 1992


Editor Birgitte Vince Heuschkel


Page 4 The Living Dead
Upon the art of making the dead come alive - how to give that vampire the personality he deserves!
Page 7 Near Death Experiences
When a character gets resurrected, what are you to tell him as a gamemaster?
Page 11 Das also war der Pudels Kern
A few suggestions of how to handle disguises - for players and game masters alike.
Page 13 Royal Landscape Gardening
When kings conceive an idea, the consequences are sort of unimportant...
Page 16 Not another one of those!
Now me, I want to be some- thing as plain as a fighter.
Page 17 No more Mr. Nice Guy
An article so bad, that we won't even read it ourselves...
Page 20 The nightshade family
A species of plants that are to be blamed for the deaths of thousands, historically and present time.

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