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Fair Tidings Magazine

1 - 1992


Editor Birgitte Vince Heuschkel


Page 4 The Women's Street
Upon those certain parts of Byzantium that aren't in the tourist's guide...
Page 9 Fighting with Style
From d Artagnan to Selarian Mann - a stereotype from history (i f you haven't heard of Selarian, don't feel ignorant; just praise the wisdom of your gamemaster).
Page 13 Days of Celebration
Upon those special days that make a campaign setting different than the meter wares...
Page 16 To Be or Not To Be
How come some roleplayer's clubs have success while others are fated to die slowly?
Page 17 Desert Born
Looking back on one's life, one can only hope to have lived well.
Page 23 Utopia Subway Wall
Letters - nobody knew there was a new magazine around, so we got no letters!

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