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Fantasy-system udgivet af White Wolf Publishing i 2001. Stilen er high fantasy, hvor man spiller roller, som guderne har skænket store kræfter. Spilmekanikken er baseret på Storyteller. I 2012 overtog Onyx Path Publishing licensen til at udgive systemet.


A New World Brian Nisbet
WarpCon XII (2002)
Enter The Dragon-Blooded Ciarán O'Brien
Itzacon III (2007)
Exalted (ItzaCon 2005) Mike Brennan
Thomas Pearse
Itzacon I (2005)
Exhalted (WarpCon 2007) Richard Morrisroe
Warpcon XVII (2007)
Jade dragons and crimson tigers CalCon XXVI - Kittla aldrig en sovande drake (2020)
💾 Once Bitten, Twice Shy Paddy Delaney
Ciarán O'Brien
Itzacon IV (2008)
Princes of the Earth Gareth Hanrahan
Warpcon XIV (2004)
Warpcon XV (2005)
Shadows of the Imperium Eamonn Kearns
Vaticon XV (2009)
The Exalted Pelle Kofoed
Krikkit Con XVI (2010)
The Painted Veil Mike Brennan
Itzacon V (2009)
💾 The Plot Doctors Rónán Comaskey
Warpcon XXII (2012)
The Ravenous Meg Hilko
LepreCon XXIII (2002)
Tomb Of Dreams AireCon 4 (2018)
AireCon 8 (2023)

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