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Make it worse

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DesignerPatrick Estler
DesignerMichelle Carter Fly


This game is aimed to make every scenario worse. This is done by a player creating a unique scenarios and the other players then adding to the scenario, trying to make everything worse.

1: king shit draws card from scenario pile
2: king shit comes up with a situration for blank
3: all other players add two cards to the situration that would make
it worse
4: players read aloud their choice and explains why
5: king shit picks the worst(best) one and the player picked
becomse the new king shit

Universal rules:
1: the last player who was on the toilet, is king shit the first
2: all players always have 3 cards
3: if king shit cant decide the last card from the chosen players acts as a tie breaker

Played at

CREATE Jam - Fall 2019 (2019)

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