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The Seed of Darkness

RPG system: Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. Cthulhu: Seed of Darkness
Participants: 5 players


✏️Jose Caballero


The game will take place in the mining town of Matewan, West Virginia, U.S , in 1927. Matewan is well known after the Matewan Massacre , and the Hatfields-MCoy feud ( a bloody conflict between family , which is iconic in modern American History).
It is a damp September day. The characters will arrive in the town (or already be there), and they will be involved in the mysterious events around the construction of the Tug's river water dam. Soon enough the will feel the breath of death, malevolence and damnation blowing at their napes.
We will run 7th edition rules. The game is a mix of intrigue and action , and it will be apt for both newcomers and veterans. The language will be English, since Nyarlathotep has not granted me yet the fluency required to describe loathsome scenes in norsk.

Played at

ARCON 34: Weird West (2018)

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