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Front page for Scion


DesignerRyan Rohde Hougaard


PDF Scion Regler [English] (0.2 MB)


Noble families inter-marry through generations, constantly attempting to create the most skillful family members while avoiding inbreeding. For each generation a child is chosen partly for the points scored for its genes, and partly for marriage to a family member of an opponent. The genes of your child and of the spouse is placed in a bag, and a new generation of children is drawn from the bag.

Key words: bag building, Nobility, Colourful

About the designer: Enjoys board games where cubes are pushed around, but favours those with a lot of story telling like Robinson Crusoe and 7th Continent. As a designer, he tends to work on games that involve many players without compromising complexity. Ryan is the author of several role playing scenarios. This is his first board game to reach a wider audience.

Generation efter generation jager du de bedste gener, så din adelsfamilie går over i verdenshistorien for sine præstationer.

Adelsslægter gifter sig med hinanden igennem generationer, hvor de hele tiden prøver at skabe de dygtigste medlemmer af deres familie, mens de forsøger at undgå indavl. For hver generation udvælges et barn, der dels kan score point for sine gener og dels skal giftes med en af de andre spilleres familiemedlemmer. Generne for dit eget barn samt ægtefællens lægges i en pose, og en ny generation af børn trækkes fra posen.

Stikord: Bag building, Adel, Farverigt

Played at

Fastaval - Otto Under the Sea (2019)

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