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Where Androids Die

RPG system: nordic larp
Participants: 80 players


OrganizerPetra Lindve
OrganizerCarl Nordblom
OrganizerSiri Sandquist
OrganizerSimon Svensson


Step into a world where humanity created Androids to be their tools, do their bidding, do their work and be satisfied with it. To be their willing slaves. The Androids were made more and more human - until the difference wasn't possible to distinguish.

No one quite knows what sparked that first rebellion, but as the latest Androids became aware of their own condition, they resisted, they rebelled: they fled.

Then, humanity reacted. Their brave new world was built on the backs of Androids and could not be retained without them. This is the story about that reaction. It is a story about privilege, about repression and the systematic killing of their scapegoats, their rebellious children; their Androids.

Where Androids Die is the final and independent installment of the Androids larp trilogy, created by the Atropos team. It is inspired in theme by Blade Runner and a future envisioned in the 80s, surrounded by an atmosphere of rainy streets and obscure noodle bars.


13. - 14. July 2018, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
20. - 21. July 2018, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden



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