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JackPoint: Halloweener Heist

RPG system: Shadowrun
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Participants: 1 GM, 4-5 players


✏️Christoffer Brun Jensen


Welcome back to JackPoint, Chummer:

So there you were just sitting at home waiting for the next run to tick in from your fixer. Why are you waiting for a run? It is simple, that is how you live because you're a shadowrunner.

Outside the law and doing jobs for the rich or despriated. Being a runner takes guts and being ready for anything. But as you sit there pundering, your commlink starts ringing. It is a number you don't have registered but you take it anyway.

"Oi Chummer... I once again, I come bearing gifts. Indfo and the need of runners to take a job. Listen in. The job involves the Halloweeners, and I'll give what I know about them so you don't end up on the inside of a lit pumpkin before you're done with my run."

So now it is in your hands Chummer. Will you take the job or miss this month's rent.

Played at

FE Con (2017)

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